Christian Klant - Portaits

June 2014 - December 2014

Christian Klant (born in 1980 in Bonn) made, after having moved to Berlin where he opened his first Studio, his passion to his job. The main focus of his international remittance works, yet also of his free projects, lies in both Portrait photography and Reportage photography. When you ask him under which genre he can be categorized, he answers that he deals with both people and stories. A portrait is – as Klant says – only a good photograph if it tells a story.

This principle is reflected also in his works. Often he only needs one shot for one portrait. Klant, however, is interested in the human being with all of his facets. It is not only a portrait that can tell a story, yet also some kind of movement, as Klant illustrates in his series "Movement". Christian Klant works with the wet plate photography technique, which makes it possible to add depth to totally different layers.


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