Marie Klingelhoefer

: October 2015 - August 2016

She was born and grew up in France, and has been living in Berlin for over 25 years. Her access to her artistic work was deepened through her training as an art therapist. Later on, dancing was given a special place in her life; for many years she has been teaching, alongside her painting, dancing for couples, preferably Tango Argentino. Both areas allow for a connection with essential topics of life, leading and following, following and leading, enabling a third aspect to arise from this.

Marie usually works on topics for long periods of time; her inspiration comes from nature: blossoms, flowers, stones, earth, underwater worlds. She has expanded her means of expression by using the mixmedia technique on the basis of acrylics. She has attempted to incorporate the joy, fascination and possibilities offered by watercolors into her most recent series, “Steingeflüster”.

She loves stones, she feels comforted by the round organic shapes, they can be transformed and thus offer so many possibilities of playing with them. The stones lie, tumble, sparkle, melt, light up to gemstones, but perhaps also to single-cell organisms that are enlarged through a microscope. The structures find themselves, group together, ally themselves, create conurbations, stick together, separate and float together, sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly through space.


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