Power to the people

Help where help is needed

This idea is close to our hearts. For this reason, we support the annual opera gala of the German AIDS Foundation, but also smaller regional aid projects and the sports club TuS Makkabi Berlin e.V. and the Kiezklänge e.V. association. The two clubs make an important contribution to the development of Berlin children and adolescents. As a place of community and interaction for old and young, the sports club TuS Makkabi Berlin e.V. fulfills not only a social responsibility. It also promotes the team spirit, strength, and confidence of the children and adolescents for whom sports forms an important factor to their overall development. Since 2011, we have been gladly volunteering and contributing to the club through the jersey sponsorship for the first men's team and active participation in the annual benefit tournament of Berlin companies.

The Kiezklänge e.V. association organizes instrumental music classes for Berlin children who could otherwise not receive support. The focus is not just on acquiring music skills but also just the plain joy of making music and how it very naturally makes children more confident. We have been supporting the Kiezklänge association for 6 years now and are gratified every year by the success of the project and the development of the children.

The benefit event in the Deutsche Oper has become a fixture in the cultural life of Berlin and an important contributor to the German AIDS Foundation. The revenue of the gala goes to regional aid projects and international organizations who contribute to education and support concerning the topic of AIDS.


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