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Eylauer Straße 22, 10965 Berlin, Deutschland

1 - 10 rooms
24 m² - 174 m²
from 42,230 €

A small but wonderful urban oasis

A well maintained old building meets contemporary, lasting character at Eylauer Straße 22. The 36 predominantly small but lovely apartments are the perfect place for singles, young couples and those young at heart to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind them and enjoy some peace and quiet.
The front building, detached house and side wing of Eylauer Straße 22 contain a total of 36 freehold apartments – some with two balconies, many with one. The main façade is painted a smart creamy white, with Signal white and moss-green features on window frames and balcony railings. The natural stone floor in the entrance area of the front building has also been lovingly reconditioned, while the cream-white ceilings and walls gleam with subtle gold elements. A large moss installation on the left wall welcomes those entering, setting the building’s mood. Bright ceilings and walls, original doors, elegant fishbone coconut matting, shiny brass rods, untreated wood banisters and moss-green features in both stairwells make for a unique, classically high-quality yet super modern radiance.


If you like people, good coffee and new trends, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth in Kreuzberg: This multicultural district is internationally renowned for its lively markets with a regional and organic focus, its relaxed cafés, outstanding cocktail bars, amazing clubs, hip boutiques and all kinds of family leisure options. Kreuzberg’s nooks and crannies have long provided space and openness for new lifestyles – characterized by neighborly coexistence, and ecological, social and economic sustainability.
But western Kreuzberg – on the border with Schöneberg – offers something else as well: The chance to retreat. Eylauer Straße 22 is one such refuge: Perfectly located for just being on your own – yet still close to the hustle and bustle of this trendy district.
Three large parklands are all situated in close proximity to one another here. Viktoriapark was created in the late 19th century, a haven of pure romanticism, and the perfect place to daydream. In stark contrast is the Park am Gleisdreieck, a modern city park providing quiet, restful places and lots of open spaces. Rounding things off is Tempelhofer Feld, a vast area with lots of space for sport and recreation. How do you prefer to relax?

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