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Neckarstraße 20, 12053 Berlin

1 - 3 rooms
33 m² - 670 m²
from 98,294 €

The building at Neckarstraße 20-23 houses 79 existing apartments in eight stairways and five floors. The planned penthouse development will add one floor to the floors from the mezzanine to the 4th floor. On the courtyard side, four new elevators will be installed in the four stairways, which will open up the staircases on the intermediate floors and the future penthouse apartments. With a few exceptions, the existing apartments will receive a new balcony and some of them access to a garden on the mezzanine floor. The central inner courtyard will be redesigned based on historical plans and usage. If you live in the PULSE, you will enjoy the green oasis as a retreat: a meeting point for neighbors and friends or quiet reading space under the colonnades of the inner courtyard. Depending on orientation, you can sit on your own, new balcony and enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Residents will have access to new bicycle stands and existing basement rooms. Drivers will be able to buy one of 13 garage spots. For people who want to live there, this building offers the ideal conditions for urban and yet withdrawn living in the trendy Neukölln district.

Maßnahmenplanung am Gemeinschaftseigentum

Die Kosten für die geplanten Baumaßnahmen am Gemeinschaftseigentum sind im Kaufpreis mit inbegriffen.

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Something for every taste
Neukölln offers something for every taste. In terms of restaurants, you can take a trip around the world in the area around Neckarstraße. The diversity of people, lifestyles, and cultural institutions has defined the district in the past and made it into what it represents today: an authentic piece of Berlin. Shopping fans can find everything their heart desires in the Karl-Marx-Straße. Interspersed with galleries and cafes you can take a nice walk here, watch the people of Neukölln, or experience and buy cutting-edge fashion. Many designers have discovered the district for themselves. But classic brands have also recognized the potential in the district and set up in local shopping centers.

Beautiful cafes, bistros, and restaurants, for instance in the Weserstraße, can turn every day or night into an experience. The Klunkerkranich on the roof of the Neukölln Arcades permits a view over the entire city unlike anything else. A special highlight is the city swimming pool in the Ganghoferstraße: the long history of the pool is reflected in its architecture and offers pools and saunas with a Greco-Roman flair. For art lovers, the Center for Contemporary Art has recently opened in the former Kindl area. Established cultural institutions like the Neukölln Opera or the Heimathafen Neukölln in the former hall offer a diverse program of musical theater, concerts, lectures, theater performances, and other formats across all styles and genres

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