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Strausberger Platz

Strausberger Platz 15-18, 10243 Berlin – Friedrichshain

2 - 3 rooms
53 m² - 93 m²
purchase price
from 222,000 €

The combination of culture, history and architectural elegance makes this property a unique investment opportunity, right in the pulsating heart of Berlin. The contrast between sculptural arrangements of columns on areas of wall made of ashlar and simple, structural rows of windows means that the building gives the impression of being both monumental and yet at the same time playful.

A total 79 apartments can be reached via four stairways with black terrazzo floors, bright walls, lovingly created banisters and lifts which go up as far as the 7th floor. Many of the rooms in the apartments on the second to sixth floor have windows that extend down to floor level, with French-style balconies. Frankfurter Allee to the north. A number of the apartments on the upper floors offer a fantastic view extending as far as Alexanderplatz.

The residential units classical floor plans are well thought-through with a universal design, allowing scope for a wide range of different ideas to be realised. The rooms have a functional design and are generously-sized, allowing you to make the best possible use of the space. All the bathrooms have windows and provide plenty of space for day-to-day requirements. Covering an area of between 54 and 93 m², these two or three-room flats can be used in a diverse range of ways. The house has been well looked after, well maintained and modernised over the course of the decades.

0 out of 28 apartments
already sold

ID floor rooms space purchase price status
SP15 WE 05 2nd floor 3 77.4 m² 285,000 € leased
SP15 WE 07 2nd floor 3 91.1 m² 372,000 € leased
SP15 WE 08 3rd floor 3 78.1 m² 289,000 € leased
SP15 WE 09 3rd floor 3 86.3 m² 353,000 € leased
SP15 WE 11 4th floor 3 77.6 m² 289,000 € leased
SP15 WE 16 5th floor 3 90.6 m² 375,000 € leased
SP15 WE 17 6th floor 3 77.6 m² 329,000 € leased
SP15 WE 19 6th floor 3 91.3 m² 385,000 € leased
SP15 WE 20 7th floor 3 79.6 m² 299,000 € leased
SP15 WE 22 7th floor 3 93.6 m² 365,000 € leased
SP16 WE 27 2nd floor 2 58.8 m² 246,000 € leased
SP16 WE 37 5th floor 2 55.6 m² 222,000 € leased
SP16 WE 40 6th floor 2 54.5 m² 227,000 € leased
SP16 WE 43 7th floor 2 55.4 m² 239,000 € leased
SP16 WE 44 7th floor 3 73.7 m² 309,000 € leased
SP17 WE 46 1st floor 3 76.5 m² 289,000 € leased
SP17 WE 55 4th floor 3 76 m² 319,000 € leased
SP17 WE 56 4th floor 2 53.9 m² 259,000 € leased
SP17 WE 57 4th floor 3 74.3 m² 289,000 € leased
SP17 WE 58 5th floor 3 75.7 m² 315,000 € leased
SP17 WE 59 5th floor 2 55.4 m² 230,000 € leased
SP17 WE 60 5th floor 3 72.5 m² 299,000 € leased
SP17 WE 65 7th floor 2 55.7 m² 269,000 € leased
SP18 WE 69 1st floor 3 75 m² 305,000 € leased
SP18 WE 75 4th floor 2 55.5 m² 237,000 € leased
SP18 WE 77 5th floor 3 74.6 m² 315,000 € leased
SP18 WE 79 5th floor 2 74.1 m² 289,000 € leased
SP18 WE 82 6th floor 2 74 m² 289,000 € leased


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The houses on Strausberger Platz are not only special in architectural terms. The square and the history of how the Frankfurter Allee came into existence still fascinate people from all over the world. The location makes a good starting point for experiencing both historical and modern Berlin. Whether you want to visit Alexanderplatz, Prenzlauer Berg, Museum Island, Kreuzberg or the new Mercedes Platz urban centre at the East Side Gallery – they are all just a stone’s throw away.

In recent years, the Friedrichshain district has demonstrated that, alongside the more established districts, it is always possible for new hotspots to emerge. Mercedes Platz, for example, is being transformed from a tourist location and site for events to a district that is popular for evenings out with restaurants, cafés and rooftop bars. That’s Berlin. Always reinventing itself.


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