Your best years: When precaution becomes joyful anticipation

A financially secure time post retirement is possible with a healthy mix of investments. Whether you are looking for a restful retirement or an active new chapter in your life - you don't have to decide today. With the right retirement provisions, you could now pave the way for a relaxing time "from age 60".

Aside from traditional financial investment products and pension or life insurance policies, real estate could be in the shape of a condominium constitutes a wise investment and can represent an ideal alternative to private pension provision schemes such as the so-called "Rürup" model, particularly in the current period of low-interest mortgage rates. Freelancers in particular usually require a cautiously planned pension-mix and can generate foresighted assets with a city apartment for later retirement.

The commitment of own resources is often comparable to the contribution to private pension schemes. In addition, this form of investment could offer great flexibility, as there are various opportunities to utilise or exploit your property from the time of purchase.

Use or let the property?


Owner occupation

Today's investment could be tomorrow's home. A city apartment with a good infrastructure can be your starting point for an active life in old age: A wide selection of GPs, proximity to important transport links such as the airport or main railway station, numerous cultural venues, sports and recreational facilities contribute to a high-quality and eventful everyday life.

Best of all, you avoid paying rent, and at some stage in the future bequeath your family a stable investment. This could make the purchase of a rented condominium a long-term and sensible form of investment that pays off in many ways.


With the rental income from your apartment, you have an additional monthly pension or money obtained through a sale of the apartment which you can reinvest or use to fulfil personal wishes. Or perhaps you could make the apartment available to your grandchildren who entertain the idea of moving to Berlin.

This form of use is particularly popular if you want to maintain your standard of living in older age or if you want to actively spend your time travelling, exercising and indulging in other leisure activities. We would be happy to provide you the contact details of appropriate experts, who will be glad to advise you on matters concerning tax benefits, subsidies and insurance.

Adequate financing

Speak to your house bank or our independent mortgage intermediary.

Minimise risks

There are suitable insurance products to ensure that your pension provision does not evolve into a cause for concern.

Comprehending the purchase of real estate

We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding the purchase of a property. We will gladly provide informative materials or arrange a personal meeting with you. To our FAQ


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