TuS Makkabi Berlin e.V.

Since 2011, Vandenberg Berlin has been an active sponsor of the TuS Makkabi e.V. athletic club. And we don't just write checks: we're an active part of the association, cheering on the teams and observing the development of the whole club.

The club is known for its chess section, which has a record of sustained success at the highest level of German chess competitions. The club's football team is also not to be underestimated. In the 2011/12 season, the top men's team gained promotion and celebrated a successful season. Also offered are other sports such as swimming, tennis, table tennis, and volleyball.

We've also participated for several years at the benefit tournament of Berlin-based companies, and won the trophy in 2012. We hope our support will continue to fuel the success of the club in future, and that we will thus be able to actively promote its development.


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