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Is it possible to arrange a first consultation without commitment?

You are free to arrange a non-binding and complimentary consultation at any time with one of our members of staff. You can give us a call during our opening hours or inform us of your preferred appointments by email. Our contact details

Can I enter or lodge a specific search query for my desired property?

For your property search you have the possibility to deposit specific search criteria in our online search profile. Here you can define the exact parameters of your desired apartment, and adjust them at any time. After a short while you will receive property proposals matching your search profile. 

Simply send us a short email to create your search profile: Our contact details

What are the advantages of providing my search criteria?

By providing us your search criteria we can provide you with suitable offers which correspond to the parameters of your desired property and, in the case of new offers, you will be the first to receive suitable apartments.

Is the apartment subject to commission?

Not all of our offered properties are subject to commission. Information on whether a commission is charged on top of the purchase price can be found on our website’s respective project page and directly from the relevant unit. The brokerage fee usually amounts to 3.57 % of the purchase price including VAT. In the case of individual properties, cooperation with the developer enables us to offer the apartments without an external commission. 

Should you be unsure whether or not an apartment is subject to a commission, feel free to get in touch with one of our members of staff at any time. Our contact details

Apartment Viewing
What is the procedure for an apartment viewing, and what exactly will be viewed?

For the first apartment viewing we will present you the showcase or specific vacant apartment, as well as the object itself.  A member of our sales staff will greet you at the property entrance and guide you through the house and outdoor facilities. Prior to the meeting you will be informed by email or telephone about the exact location, time and contact details of your consultant.  Should you be interested in a rented apartment, we can, as a next step, arrange a second viewing in coordination with the tenant. Of course we are also available for further follow-up visits or inspections with architects or other companies.

How long does an apartment viewing usually take?

On average, an initial viewing usually takes around 30 minutes, however this can vary individually. Should certain questions remain unanswered we can arrange a follow-up meeting in our office or an alternative meeting point.

The second viewing inside the tenant’s home is generally shorter and usually only takes between five and ten minutes in order to disturb the tenant as little as possible.

Can I receive additional photos of vacant or rented apartments?

Should you be interested in a property, we will, if possible, send you photos of the rented apartment. However, the protection of the tenant’s privacy is important to us. Thus we cannot provide photos for every apartment. On request, we can usually provide you with photos of the vacant apartments. 

An apartment viewing, however, is when you will receive the best impression.

Can I receive documents such as settlements and protocols of the apartments?

If interested, we will provide you all relevant documents contained in our document package “bank file” by email. Should you require further documents, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What belongs to the communal property of an object?

The communal property includes all parts of an object which do not belong to the individual ownership property (the actual apartment itself). These are usually garden facilities, laundry and boiler rooms. These can be used as communal property by all owners. In addition, there is the compelling communal property. These parts include, for example, circulation areas such as staircases, elevators, supporting walls, roof and the façade. The buyer receives the right to use the communal property by purchasing the apartment.

Construction Measures
Are these apartments refurbished, or are plans for refurbishment measures underway?

Most of the apartments are in an unrestored condition and are sold as is. The respective buyer decides for himself whether and how he wants to renovate the condominium. We are happy to put you in touch with the relevant companies for redevelopment. However, the respective orders are not a component of the purchase contract. For this purpose, a separate contract ought to be concluded with the contractors.

Will any measures be carried out on the communal property, such as recoating the façade or renovating the staircase?

Whether measures on the objects are planned and/or executed depends on the project. Appropriate plans are often drawn up in advance and checked by the building authorities. These measures can later be executed by the newly founded community of owners. Please refer to the property exposés, the documents we have sent to you or simply ask a member of our sales staff for the exact plans at any time.

Are the costs for renovation or refurbishment included in the purchase price?

If renovations and redevelopment measures of the communal property are planned, the costs will be included in the purchase price. Exact details can be found in the sales contract. The refurbishment or renovation of the condominium and thus the acquired individual ownership property (the actual apartment) is, however, not included and must be borne independently by the buyer.

Would a consultation with regard to apartment renovation or refurbishment be possible?

We will be happy to put you in touch with companies with the appropriate technical expertise to help you with the renovation or refurbishment of your acquired apartment.

How do I get access to further documents required for financing the apartment?

If you are interested in purchasing the property, we will provide you with a link to the „bank file“ of the respective project. In this file you can obtain all relevant documents necessary for further examination. Should you require further documents, we will, insofar as it is possible, do our best to provide you these.

Could I receive a recommended contact for financing the property?

If you wish, we would be happy to put you in touch with an independent financing specialist who will provide you with expert advice on financing your apartment.

Notary Appointment
When can a notary appointment be arranged?

The notary appointment can be agreed at the earliest 14 days after your receipt of the draft purchase contract (delivery by email). This draft of the purchase contract will be requested from the respective notary’s office immediately after the successful reservation of the apartment.

The notary appointment can then, pursuant to the deadline, and after individual consultation with the prospective buyer, be agreed upon.

Who arranges the notary appointment?

The notary appointment will be arranged by us (Vandenberg Immoconsult GmbH) with the respective notary after individual consultation with you.

As of which point will I be obliged to purchase the apartment?

You can withdraw from the purchase of the apartment at any time up to the notary appointment. Please keep in mind, however, that fees may apply due to the drafting of the purchase contract. These fees are based on the transaction value (Nr. 24100 KV GNotKG – German Court and Notary Fees Act) and apply irrespective of whether a purchase contract is concluded.

Your Data
How does the company deal with my data?

The protection of your personal data is a serious matter to us, and we would never pass it on to third parties without your consent. Certain data is automatically collected through the use of our website and its functions. We make every effort to ensure that these providers also comply with current data protection regulations at all times, which is a prerequisite for our cooperation.

For detailed information, please click here: Data protection declaration.

Why do I have to provide so much personal data during the course of a property purchase?

For our duties to comply with the framework of the Money Laundering Act we require personal data, such as marital status and matrimonial property status. Only with this information the property can be successfully purchased. The data collected is only collected, stored, modified and transmitted for the purpose of executing the order, §28 BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act).

You will find our current privacy policy on our website: Data protection declaration.


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