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Apartment Viewing
Is it also possible to view rented apartments?

Rented apartments can also be visited. However, we only offer viewings in rented apartments provided you have had an initial viewing during which the showcase or vacant apartments as well as the object were presented.  As a second step, we can arrange an appointment inside your desired rented apartment in coordination with the tenant.

Tenant's Right of First Refual
Is there a tenant’s right of first refusal?

The tenant has a right of first refusal if he was already a resident of the property before the formation of ownership. However, this right does not apply if the landlord sells the apartment to a member of his family or household. We will be happy to provide you with individual information about your requested apartment. Our contact details

Protection from Eviction & Personal Use
Is there protection from eviction for rented apartments?

In the case of rented apartments, whose occupants were tenants before the property was partitioned, there exists a legal protection against eviction in Berlin for 10 years after purchase. Only after this period has expired can the tenant be terminated or personal requirements be registered.  

Can I register for personal use with a rented apartment?

Only after the time period in which the tenant is protected from eviction has expired can the buyer register his own requirements for personal use of the apartment. In the case of rented apartments, whose occupants have resided within those apartments before the properties have been partitioned, this protection lasts for 10 years. Additionally, cases of hardship must also be taken into account. We can, therefore, not guarantee that a termination of the lease agreement for personal use will be successful.


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