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Submitting a Bid
Is my bid binding?

You are not obliged to purchase the apartment by submitting a bid. Even if it is the highest bid, you have the opportunity to withdraw your interest. Please note that if you withdraw after creating a purchase contract proposal, you may incur costs.

Can I withdraw my bid?

You can change a submitted bid at any time, or withdraw your interest by sending us a written notice via email.

How many times can I change my bid?

You can change your bid as often as you like until the respective bidding deadline expires. You can both increase and decrease it.

Is there a minimum bid?

Not all units in the bidding process have a minimum bid. If there is a minimum bid, a note about the corresponding amount can be found on the respective page.

Unfortunately, I missed the auction. Can I still make an offer?

If you have missed the auction, there is unfortunately no possibility to place a bid for the corresponding property. But if no buyer is determined by the bidding process, the apartment usually goes into our normal portfolio and can be purchased at a fixed price.

What information do you need from me?

To participate in the bidding process, we only need your full name and an email address to create an account. If, after the final bidding round, a purchase contract for the property is prepared, we will need the following information: e.g. address, telephone number, date of birth, tax number or tax ID and financing information.

Please note that the financing framework should be largely clarified after the final bidding round.

Apartment Viewing
When can I visit the property?

Interested parties can visit the property during the second stage of our bidding process. Only the highest bidding participants from the first bidding round will be invited to come on the tour, in order to keep the tour smaller and more comfortable for the tenant.

How often can I visit the apartment?

The apartment can only be viewed once during the bidding process by any interested party. If you are the highest bidder after the end of the bidding process, additional viewing appointments can be arranged for any measurements or further assessments, even before the notary’s appointment.

How long will a viewing tour take?

If it is a rented apartment, the visit will take no longer than 15 minutes out of consideration for the current tenant. Of course, all rooms can be visited during this time. If it is an empty apartment, a visit will take about 30 minutes on average.

Final Bidding Round
Why are there two bidding rounds?

The initial bidding round serves as an initial selection of participants to conduct the viewing only with prospective buyers who have serious purchase intentions. In the final round of bidding, the interested parties have the opportunity, after visiting the apartment, to submit a correspondingly adapted bid or to outbid other participants if necessary.

When does the second bidding round start?

The second bidding round starts after the apartment visit. The bid can be changed as often as desired until the deadline expires, and even submitted shortly before.

What happens if I am the highest bidder?

The highest bidder will receive a notification by email after the countdown ends. In the following working days, a customer service representative will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

Please note that the highest bid is not binding for the seller and there is the possibility that it will be rejected.

What happens if I am not the highest bidder?

Even if you are not among the highest bidders, you will be notified by email at the end of the countdown. If you are one of the three highest bidders, you will also be notified as soon as a higher bidder withdraws his or her interest at short notice. You can then submit your bid for the property again.

How many participants are there in the final bidding round?

There is no maximum number of participants admitted to the final bidding round. For the final round, however, we will invite only those who are seriously interested from among the highest bidders in the first round of bidding and who have submitted a purchase price offer within a reasonable range.

I'm not sure how much the property is worth. Can you give me some information on this?

We cannot give you exact information about how much the property is worth. We do provide various information on pricing, and you can determine the approximate value of the property by looking at comparable properties from our portfolio, searching through various real estate platforms, or with the help of other service providers.

Are there any more pictures of the apartment?

We can only provide you with the photos which are in the exposé and on the website. You can have a closer look at the apartment on the tour.

Additional Costs
Are there any further costs?

There are no costs for participation in the bidding process itself. Creating a customer account is completely free for you. If you are the highest bidder and receive the winning bid for the property, costs will be incurred in connection with the purchase of the property. Feel free to contact us for more information.


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