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From the first Request to the Notary Appointment
Can I enter or lodge a specific search query for my desired property?

For your property search you have the possibility to deposit specific search criteria in our online search profile. Here you can define the exact parameters of your desired apartment, and adjust them at any time. After a short while you will receive property proposals matching your search profile. Simply send us a short email to create your search profile: Our contact details  

What is the procedure for an apartment viewing, and what exactly will be viewed?

For the first apartment viewing we will present you the showcase or specific vacant apartment, as well as the object itself.  A member of our sales staff will greet you at the property entrance and guide you through the house and outdoor facilities. Prior to the meeting you will be informed by email or telephone about the exact location, time and contact details of your consultant.
 Should you be interested in a rented apartment, we can, as a next step, arrange a second viewing in coordination with the tenant.
Of course we are also available for further follow-up visits or inspections with architects or other companies.  

How do I get access to further documents required for financing the apartment?

If you are interested in purchasing the property, we will provide you with a link to the „bank file“ of the respective project. In this file you can obtain all relevant documents necessary for further examination. Should you require further documents, we will, insofar as it is possible, do our best to provide you these. 

When can a notary appointment be arranged?

The notary appointment can be agreed at the earliest 14 days after your receipt of the draft purchase contract (delivery by email). This draft of the purchase contract will be requested from the respective notary’s office immediately after the successful reservation of the apartment.
The notary appointment can then, pursuant to the deadline, and after individual consultation with the prospective buyer, be agreed upon. 

Topic: Rented Apartments
Is it also possible to view rented apartments?

Rented apartments can also be visited. However, we only offer viewings in rented apartments provided you have had an initial viewing during which the showcase or vacant apartments as well as the object were presented.  As a second step, we can arrange an appointment inside your desired rented apartment in coordination with the tenant. 

Is there protection from eviction for rented apartments?

In the case of rented apartments, whose occupants were tenants before the property was partitioned, there exists a legal protection against eviction in Berlin for 10 years after purchase. Only after this period has expired can the tenant be terminated or personal requirements be registered.  

About the Reservation
How much is the reservation fee?

The reservation fee is a one-off payment of €1000 per unit. Please note that the accompanying request of a draft of the notarised sales contract may result in further solicitor’s fees. The solicitor’s fees for the draft are based on the value of the transaction (cf. no. 24100 KV of the German Act on the Fees for the Voluntary Jurisdiction of Courts and Solicitors (GNotKG)) and must be paid irrespective of whether a sales contract is concluded.  

Will the reservation fee be refunded once I have purchased the property?

The reservation fee of €1000 per unit will be refunded in the case that a sales contract is successfully concluded.  

Which payment methods are available for the online reservation?

When making a payment, you can choose to pay via Apple PAy, SEPA, instant bank transfer or credit card. 

How long will the flat be reserved for me?

Each flat is reserved for a total of 4 weeks after confirmation of your reservation.  

What happens if a unit has already been reserved?

If a unit has already been reserved by another interested buyer, you can make a waiting list reservation. You will then be placed next on the list of interested buyers. If the first interested buyer does not purchase the property, you will be offered the chance to reserve it.  

The Procedure after the Purchase
What is the time schedule after the purchase contract has been notarised?

The times displayed here are rough estimates. These can vary greatly depending on the buyer.

When will I receive the invoice for the payment of the purchase price?

The buyer is notified of the purchase price due date approximately 4-10 weeks after notarisation. The notary’s office will only send this notification once it can guarantee to the buyer that he/she will receive the service as promised, namely unencumbered ownership of the property, when the purchase price is paid.

Among other things, the following requirements must be met:

  • the reservation of ownership (also known as priority notice protecting conveyance of ownership) must be entered in the land register for the buyer
  • all documents necessary for the contractual transfer of ownership are available to have the registered land charges and mortgages extinguished in the land register
  • in the case of rented apartments (the tenants do not exercise their statutory right of first refusal and do not enter into the sales contract)

The notary will do everything necessary to ensure that the due date requirements are met. As soon as these are available, he shall inform the contract parties accordingly. The buyer must not pay the purchase price until he has been notified of the due date.

When does the transfer of benefits & encumbrances take place?

The transfer of benefits/encumbrances takes place approximately 6-12 weeks after the notary appointment and is accompanied by the complete payment of the purchase price. From this point, ownership, benefits, burdens and safety obligations are transferred to the buyer. The buyer thus becomes the “perceived owner”. The formal transfer of ownership only takes place with the entry of the buyer into the land register, which is commissioned by the notary after the payment has been made.  

How do I receive my rent?

After the property management has been informed about the transfer of benefits/encumbrances, a new offer is usually sent to the new owner over further service and support of the property. If this offer is accepted by the buyer, he/she can contact the property management to open an account for the rental income or to specify his/her own account. In this case, the administration will take care of everything else.
Should the buyer wish to manage his apartment himself, he must contact the tenant directly to inform them of the new account details.

Purchase Price and additional Costs
Is the apartment subject to commission?

Not all of our offered properties are subject to commission. Information on whether a commission is charged on top of the purchase price can be found on our website’s respective project page and directly from the relevant unit. The brokerage fee usually amounts to 3.57 % of the purchase price including VAT.

In the case of individual properties, cooperation with the developer enables us to offer the apartments without an external commission.

Should you be unsure whether or not an apartment is subject to a commission, feel free to get in touch with one of our members of staff at any time. Our contact details

Are the costs for renovation or refurbishment included in the purchase price?

If renovations and redevelopment measures of the communal property are planned, the costs will be included in the purchase price. Exact details can be found in the sales contract. The refurbishment or renovation of the condominium and thus the acquired individual ownership property (the actual apartment) is, however, not included and must be borne independently by the buyer.  

What costs arise in addition to the purchase price?

In addition to the purchase price costs also arise for:

  • The land registry office. These costs are legally binding and non-negotiable
  • The notary’s office: These costs are also legally binding and non-negotiable
  • The real estate transfer tax: The amount depends, among other things, on the federal state in which the property is located
  • The order of a land charge (German: Grundschuldbestellung): Applies only when a buyer partially finances the property
  • Possible additional costs for processing via a notary sub-account
  • Possible brokerage fees: The commission is usually 3.57 % of the purchase price including VAT

From which point does Vandenberg charge costs for service?

In principle, service charges only arise in form of a commission in the case a property is purchased. If no additional external commission has been advertised for the apartment, no further costs will be charged apart from the purchase price as part of the service.
Even if the purchase does not materialise, all consultations, inspections, documents and other services made available by Vandenberg are completely free of charge.


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